Rosa glauca

This photo is pretty old. It is now about 2m high and arching over the pond, very gracefully. One grows this rose for its fabulous, small, glaucus (grey/blue/green) coloured leaves, very pretty single pink flowers with yellow stamens (which last only a month at best) and then its great red hips which last all late Summer into Autumn..

It's very thorny so put it somewhere you won't have to be a lot. When it was smaller I had trouble with it when I cleaned the pond pump. Now it is taller I don't have the same issue so I am not planning to prune it much! In fact it has never been pruned, just the dead wood cut out.

Additional Info

  • Name: Rosa
  • Type: glauca AGM
  • Colour: Dark pink/white
  • Bed: Pond
  • Failed: No
  • Year: 2006