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London, 18 September 2013

Quality videos in a new garden blog

Gardens and their wildlife are living things – usually captured only in still photographs. Now, at last, there is a quality garden blog and website with fantastic videos. Rosiesbackgarden.co.uk is a new website and blog for garden, plant and wildlife lovers. It features an array of wonderful films including a video tour of Rosie’s back garden in South London, a documentary profile of Highdown Gardens in Sussex and many wildlife videos. You can watch Jersey Tiger Moths sucking the nectar from Buddleja in macro detail, witness a drowned bee coming back to life, and see the wonders of a frog mating ball. You can also enjoy birds feeding and bathing in time to a Strauss polka and view the abundance of roses this summer. There is even a video showing how to dismantle and clean a pond pump.


Rosie Catherwood, the blog publisher, lives in a terraced house in SW London and her garden is small (20m x 7m) with a pond and greenhouse, large beds and no lawn. She is a professional corporate video producer and director as well as a very experienced gardener. She said:

“For years I have kept a written record of all my planting and wildlife activities in the garden and it seemed a pity not to share these with others, so a blog and dedicated website was the obvious answer. But websites cry out for video and a garden is a living, changing thing which can be captured on film as it changes. In my professional life I write, produce and direct but for the site I have been honing my video shooting and editing skills as well.”


(All the videos above can be found in the blogs on the home page.)

Not all the blogs feature videos. ‘There’s a monster in my compost bin’ is text and photos, and one blog even includes some “poetry”. A full year of blogs is already available.

And rosiesbackgarden.co.uk is not just a blog. It is a comprehensive website with separate sections on the original garden design, creation, planting, lighting and art; the wildlife; and individual photos and comments on the 200 plus plants in the garden.

Visitors can sign up for alerts to the Rosie’s back garden blogs on the site or follow through Facebook and Twitter.


For further information please contact Rosie Catherwood on
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07747 793800 or 020 8675 6224

Twitter @RosiesBG

Background information: Rosie Catherwood

For the last four years Rosie Catherwood has been Chief Executive of Tamarind Communications Ltd, a company providing video services to leading FTSE and private companies. Prior to that, for nine years, she was a Director of Cantos Communications, a pioneer in corporate video online. In the late 1990s she lived in Mumbai, India for five years while she set up and ran the India arm of Citigate Dewe Rogerson, a leading financial PR company of which she was also a Group Board Director for nine years. Her previous experience was running graphic design businesses and as a researcher and producer of documentaries and features for BBC Radio 4. She has a 2:1 in Geography from St. Hugh’s College, Oxford and was brought up in Worcestershire with four younger brothers and lots of other animals.
She has been gardening for 12 years.

Videos and images on and of the site can be used for publicity purposes in connection with this release. Please check any images are c Rosie’s back garden. A few are sourced elsewhere but these are credited.

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